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she's an old-time ambassador
18 September 2010 @ 03:21 pm
I don't think I could have made a more varied post if I had tried. On one hand, we have webisodes for a girl's doll line (my only defense is that I think the designs are absolutely adorable) and some varied typography artwork. I blame the typography stuff on learning the history of typography and it's actually pretty damn interesting. Did you know Garamond was made in the 1500s? Weird, huh? Well anyways, enjoy!

   ❦ ‪ Ghoulia Yelps
   ❦ Frankie Stein
   ❦ Cleo de Nile
   ❦ Deuce Gorgon
   ❦ Lagoona Blue
   ❦ Clawdeen Wolf
   ❦ Draculaura


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